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Peptide Transport

1. Brandsch, M., Miyamoto, Y., Ganapathy, V.,  Leibach, F.H. (1994)
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Amino Acid Transport

1.  Brandsch, M., Ramamoorthy, S., Marczin, N., Catravas, J.D.,  Leibach, J.W., Ganapathy, V., Leibach, F.H. (1995)
Regulation of  taurine transport by Escherichia coli heat-stable  enterotoxin and guanylin in human intestinal cell lines    
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3. Metzner, L., Kottra, G., Neubert, K., Daniel, H.,  Brandsch, M. (2005)
Serotonin, L-tryptophan, and tryptamine are  effective inhibitors of the amino acid transport system PAT1    
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4. Metzner, L., Natho, K., Zebisch, K.,  Dorn, M., Bosse-Doenecke, E., Ganapathy, V., Brandsch, M. (2008)
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5. Dorn, M., Weiwad, M.,  Markwardt, F., Laug, L., Rudolph, R., Brandsch, M., Bosse-Doenecke,  E. (2009)
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J. Biol. Chem. 284, 22123-22132

Organic Cation Transport

1. Hoffmann, K., Grafe, F., Wohlrab, W.,  Neubert, R.H., Brandsch, M. (2002)
Functional  characterization of a high-affinity choline transport system in  human keratinocytes    
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2.  Müller, J., Lips, K.S., Metzner, L., Neubert, R.H.H.,  Koepsell, H., Brandsch, M. (2005)
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3. Fischer, W., Neubert, R.H.H., Brandsch, M.  (2010)
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Drug Transport

1. Ganapathy, M.E., Brandsch, M., Prasad,  P.D., Ganapathy, V., Leibach, F.H. (1995)
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2.  Bretschneider, B., Brandsch, M., Neubert, R. (1999)
Intestinal  transport of ß-lactam antibiotics: analysis of the affinity at the H+/peptide  symporter (PEPT1), the uptake into Caco-2 cell monolayers and the  transepithelial flux    
Pharm. Res. 16, 55-61

3. Metzner, L.,  Kalbitz, J., Brandsch, M. (2004)
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4. Knütter, I., Wollesky, C., Kottra, G., Hahn, M.G.,  Fischer, W., Zebisch, K., Neubert, R.H.H., Daniel, H., Brandsch, M.  (2008)
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5. Metzner, L., Dorn, M.,  Markwardt, F., Brandsch, M. (2009)
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Mol. Pharmaceutics 6, 1006-1011


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Major Reviews

1. Ganapathy,  V., Brandsch, M., Leibach, F.H. (1994)
Intestinal Transport of  Amino Acids and Peptides
In: Physiology  of the Gastrointestinal Tract     , Raven Press - New York

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Role of  dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DP IV) in intestinal and renal absorption of  peptides
In: Dipeptidyl  Peptidase IV (CD26) in Metabolism and the Immune Response     Springer -  Heidelberg & R.G. Landes Company - Austin

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Transport of drugs by proton-coupled  peptide transporters: pearls and pitfalls    
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