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Ausgewählte Publikationen Prof. Dr. Reinhard Paschke

L. C. Baratto, T. Müller, B. H. de Oliveira, R. Paschke, K. Vanchanagiri,  Betulinic acid 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone derivatives induce caspases activation in A549 lung cancer cells. IJMSci, vol. 3, iss. 11, 2372-2378, 2016.

K. Vanchanagiri, T. Müller, R. Paschke,  Elucidation of Anticancer Mode of action of Betulinic acid-Cisplatin Conjugates on Lung cancer A549 cells In vitro. IJMSci, vol. 3, iss. 10, 2285-2297, 2016.

G. Liebscher, K. Vanchangiri, T. Mueller, K. Feige, J.-M.V. Cavalleri, and R. Paschke,  In vitro anticancer activity of Betulinic acid and derivatives thereof on equine melanoma cell lines from grey horses and invivo safety assessment of the compound NVX-207 in two horses. Chem.-Biol.Interact. 246, 20-29. 2016.

F. Natalio, M.N. Tahir, N. Friedrich, M. Koeck, G. Fritz-Popovski, O. Paris, and R. Paschke,  Structural analysis of Gossypium hirsutum fibers grown under greenhouse and hydroponic conditions. J.Struct.Biol.  Ahead. 2016.

Bache Matthias; Munch Christin; Guttler Antje; Wichmann Henri; Theuerkorn Katharina; Vordermark Dirk; Emmerich Daniel; Paschke Reinhard; Betulinyl Sulfamates as Anticancer Agents and Radiosensitizers in Human Breast Cancer Cells,
From International journal of molecular sciences (2015), 16(11), 26249-62, Language: English, Database: MEDLINE

Fischer, Sebastian; Ronellenfitsch, Michael W.; Thiepold, Anna-Luisa; Harter, Patrick N.; Reichert, Sebastian; Koegel, Donat; Paschke, Reinhard; Mittelbronn, Michel; Weller, Michael; Steinbach, Joachim P.; et al; Hypoxia enhances the antiglioma cytotoxicity of B10, a glycosylated derivative of betulinic acid
From PLoS One (2014), 9(4), e94921/1-e94921/10, 10 pp.., Database: CAPLUS, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0094921   

Bache Matthias; Bernhardt Stephan; Passin Sarina; Wichmann Henri; Hein Anja; Zschornak Martin; Vordermark, Dirk; Kappler Matthias; Taubert Helge; Paschke Reinhard; Betulinic Acid Derivatives NVX-207 and B10 for Treatment of Glioblastoma-An in Vitro Study of Cytotoxicity and Radiosensitization
From International journal of molecular sciences (2014), 15(11), 19777-90

Emmerich, Daniel; Vanchanagiri, Kranthi; Baratto, Leopoldo C.; Schmidt, Harry; Paschke, Reinhard Synthesis and studies of anticancer properties of lupane-type triterpenoid derivatives containing a cisplatin fragment
Synthesis and studies of anticancer properties of lupane-type triterpenoid derivatives containing a cisplatin fragment
From European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2014), 75, 460-466.

Baratto, Leopoldo C.; Porsani, Mariana V.; Pimentel, Ida C.; Pereira Netto, Adaucto B.; Paschke, Reinhard; Oliveira, Bras H.Preparation of betulinic acid derivatives by chemical and biotransformation methods and determination of cytotoxicity against selected cancer cell lines
From European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2013), 68, 121-131.

Bache, Matthias; Bernhardt, Stephan; Hein, Anja; Passin, Sarina; Zschornak, Martin; Paschke, Reinhard; Vordermark, Dirk; Betulinic acid derivatives for in vitro glioblastoma therapy,
Experimentelle Strahlentherapie und Klinische Strahlenbiologie (2013), 22, 43-47.

Blazevski, Jana; Petkovic, Filip; Momcilovic, Miljana; Paschke, Reinhard; Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Mostarica Stojkovic, Marija; Miljkovic, Djordje; Betulinic acid regulates generation of neuroinflammatory mediators responsible for tissue destruction in multiple sclerosis in vitro,
Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (2013), 34(3), 424-431.

Ludwig, Gerd; Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Rueffer, Tobias; Bette, Martin; Korb, Marcus; Block, Michael; Paschke, Reinhard; Lang, Heinrich; Steinborn, Dirk; Cationic arene ruthenium(II) complexes with chelating P-functionalized alkyl phenyl sulfide and sulfoxide ligands as potent anticancer agents,
Dalton Transactions (2013), 42(11), 3771-3774.

Chaudhuri, Sangeeta Roy; Kaludjerovic, Goran N.; Bette, Martin; Schmidt, Juergen; Schmidt, Harry; Paschke, Reinhard; Steinborn, Dirk; Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity studies of platinum(II) complexes with amino acid ligands in various coordination modes,
From Inorganica Chimica Acta (2013), 394, 472-480.

Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Gomez-Ruiz, Santiago; Maksimovic-Ivanic, Danijela; Paschke, Reinhard; Mijatovic, Sanja; Metals in medicine
Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications (2012), 705907, 2 pp.

Ceballos-Torres, Jesus; Caballero-Rodriguez, Maria J.; Prashar, Sanjiv; Paschke, Reinhard; Steinborn, Dirk; Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Gomez-Ruiz, Santiago; Synthesis, characterization and in vitro biological studies of titanocene(IV) derivatives containing different carboxylato ligands,
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (2012), 716, 201-207.

Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Dietrich, Andrea; Kommera, Harish; Kuntsche, Judith; Maeder, Karsten; Mueller, Thomas; Paschke, Reinhard;
Liposomes as vehicles for water insoluble platinum-based potential drug: 2-(4-(Tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yloxy)-undecyl) - propane-1,3-diamminedichloroplatinum(II),
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2012), 54, 567-572.

Ludwig, Gerd; Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Bette, Martin; Block, Michael; Paschke, Reinhard; Steinborn, Dirk; Highly active neutral ruthenium (II) arene complexes: Synthesis, characterization, and investigation of their anticancer properties,
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2012), 113, 77-82.

Ceballos-Torres, Jesus; Gomez-Ruiz, Santiago; Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Fajardo, Mariano; Paschke, Reinhard; Prashar, Sanjiv , Naphthyl-substituted titanocene dichloride complexes: Synthesis, characterization and in vitro studies,  
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (2012), 700, 188-193.

Sanchez-Munoz,  Sergio; Gomez-Ruiz, Santiago; Perez-Quintanilla, Damian; Morante-Zarcero, Sonia; Sierra, Isabel; Prashar, Sanjiv; Paschke, Reinhard; Kaluderovic, Goran N; Preliminary Study of the Anticancer Applications of Mesoporous Materials Functionalized with the Natural Product Betulinic Acid, ChemMedChem (2012), 7(4), 538.

Molter, Anja; Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Kommera, Harish; Paschke, Reinhard; Langer, Thorsten; Poettgen, Rainer; Mohr, Fabian; Synthesis,  structures, 119Sn Moessbauer spectroscopic studies and biological  activity of some tin(IV) complexes containing pyridyl functionalised  selenosemicarbazonato ligands,
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (2012), 701, 80-86.

Garcia-Penas, Alberto; Gomez-Ruiz, Santiago; Perez-Quintanilla, Damian; Paschke, Reinhard; Sierra, Isabel; Prashar, Sanjiv; del Hierro, Isabel; Kaluderovic, Goran N;  Study of the cytotoxicity and particle action in human cancer cells of titanocene-functionalized materials with potential application against tumors,
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2012), 106(1), 100-110.

Biersack, Bernhard; Dietrich, Andrea; Zoldakova, Miroslava; Kalinowski, Bernd; Paschke, Reinhard; Schobert, Rainer; Mueller, Thomas; Lipophilic Pt(II) complexes with selective efficacy against cisplatin-resistant testicular cancer cells,
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2011), 105(12), 1630-1637.

Kaluderovic, G. N.; Paschke, R;  Anticancer metallotherapeutics in preclinical development,
Current Medicinal Chemistry (2011), 18(31), 4738-4752

Matthias Bache, Martin P Zschornak, Sarina Passin, Jacqueline Keßler, Henri Wichmann, Matthias Kappler,2, Reinhard Paschke, Goran N Kaluđerović, Harish Kommera, Helge Taubert and Dirk Vordermark, Increased betulinic acid induced cytotoxicity and radiosensitivity in glioma cells under hypoxic conditions, Radiation Oncology 2011, 6:111 doi: 10.1186/1748-717X-6-111

Gallego, Beatriz; Kaluderovic, Milena R.; Kommera, Harish; Paschke, Reinhard; Hey-Hawkins, Evamarie; Remmerbach, Torsten W.; Kaluderovic, Goran N.; Gomez-Ruiz, Santiago,Cytotoxicity, apoptosis and study of the DNA-binding properties of bi- and tetranuclear gallium(III) complexes with heterocyclic thiolato ligands,
Investigational New Drugs (2011), 29(5), 932-944

Rushdi I. Yousef, Martin Bette, Goran N. Kaluderovic, Reinhard Paschke, Cui Yiran, Dirk Steinborn, Harry Schmidt,Structure determination and investigation on cytotoxicity of potassium dichlorido(L-prolinato)platinate(II) versus chlorido(dimethyl sulfoxide) (L-prolinato)platinum(II) complex – In vitro antitumor deactivation by Cl/dmso ligand exchange,
Polyhedron 30 (2011) 1990–1996

Zschornak, M. P.; Passin, S.; Kessler, J.; Wichmann, H.; Kappler, M.; Paschke, R.; Taubert, H.; Vordermark, D.; Bache, M., Effects of betulinic acid and irradiation on malignant glioma cells under normal and hypoxic conditions,  Experimentelle Strahlentherapie und Klinische Strahlenbiologie (2011), 20, 59-63

Matthias Scholz, Goran N. Kaluderovic, Harish Kommera, Reinhard Paschke, Joanna Will, William S. Sheldrickd, Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Carbaboranes as pharmacophores: Similarities and differences between aspirin and asborin, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 46 (2011) 1131-1139

Harish Kommera, Goran N. Kaluđerovid, Jutta Kalbitz and Reinhard Paschke, Lupane Triterpenoids – Betulin and Betulinic acid derivatives induce apoptosis in tumor cells,
Investigational New Drugs, 2011, 29, 2, 266-272

Milena R. Kaluđerović, Goran N. Kaluđerović, Santiago Gómez-Ruiz, Reinhard Paschke, Alexander Hemprich, Jan Kühling, Torsten W. Remmerbach, Organogallium(III) complexes as apoptosis promoting anticancer agents for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) cell lines,
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 105 (2011) 164–170.

Goran N. Kaluđerovič, Harish Kommera, Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Reinhard Paschke and Santiago Gómez-Ruiz; Synthesis and biological applications of ionic triphenyltin(IV) chloride carboxylate complexes with exceptionally high cytotoxicity,
Metallomics (2010), 2(6), 419-428.

Harish Kommera, Goran N. Kaluderovic, Jutta Kalbitz, Birgit Dräger, Reinhard Paschke, Small Structural Changes of Pentacyclic Lupane Type Titerpenoid Derivatives Lead to Significant Differences in Their Anticancer Properties, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 45 (2010) 3346-3353.

Harish Kommera, Goran N. Kaluderovic, Sebastian Dittrich, Jutta Kalbitz, Birgit Dräger, Thomas Mueller, Reinhard Paschke, Carbamate derivatives of betulinic acid and betulin with selective cytotoxic activity,
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, (2010), 20(11), 3409-3412.

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Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, (2010), 695(15-16), 1883-1890.

Goran N. Kaluđerović, Valentina Tayurskaya, Reinhard Paschke, Sanjiv Prashar, Mariano Fajardo, Santiago Gómez-Ruiz Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of alkenylsubstituted titanocene(IV) carboxylate complexes, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, (2010), 24(9), 656-662.

Jelena M. Lazić, Ljubica Vučićević, Sanja Grgurić-Šipka, Kristina Janjetović, Goran N. Kaluđerović, Maja Misirkić, Maja Gruden-Pavlović, Dušan Popadić, Reinhard Paschke, Vladimir Trajković, Tibor J. Sabo Synthesis and in vitro Anticancer Activity of Octahedral Platinum(IV) Complexes with Cyclohexyl-Functionalized Ethylenediamine-N,N'-Diacetate-Type Ligands,
ChemMedChem, (2010), 5(6),  881-889.

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Inorganica Chimica Acta, (2010), 363(11), 2452-2460.

René Csuk, Alexander Barthel, Stefan Schwarz, Harish Kommer and Reinhard Paschke, Synthesis and biological evaluation of antitumor-active γ-butyrolactone substituted betuline derivatives,
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, (2010), 18(7), 2549-2558

Harish Kommera, Goran N. Kaluđerović, Martin Bette, Jutta Kalbitz, Petra Fuchs, Simone Fulda, Walter Mier and Reinhard Paschke, In vitro anticancer studies of α- and β-D-glucopyranose betulin anomers,
Chemico-Biological Interactions, 185 (2010) 128–136

Harish Kommera, Goran N. Kaluderović, Jutta Kalbitz and Reinhard Paschke, Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of Novel Betulinic acid and Betulin Derivatives, Archiv der Pharmazie, (Weinheim, Germany)  (2010),  343(8),  449-457.

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Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, (2010), 18(3),  1344-1355.

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Polyhedron (2010), 29, 16–23.

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Santiago Gómez-Ruiz, Dorian Polo-Cerón, Valentina Tayurskaya , Sanjiv Prashar, Mariano Fajardo, Reinhard Paschke, A novel alkenyl-substituted
ansa-zirconocene complex with dual application as olefin polymerization catalyst and anticancer drug,
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (2009), 694(18), 3032-3038.

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; Voigt, W.; Mueller, T.; Kalbitz, J.; Maeder, K.; Dietrich, A. Platinum (II) compounds from 2-substituted propane-1,3-diamines for use as antitumor chemotherapeutic drugs.
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